photo of pete at st george's bristol

in 2019, pete surprised himself and everyone else by releasing an album of solo piano compositions, recorded in a single evening in the majestic setting of bristol’s st george’s

the follow-up, “piano 2”, was released in spring 2020, and chosen by richard williams in the guardian as one of the best albums of the year 

this music also features in his new “piano + film” live collaboration with audio-visual artist kathy hinde, premiered at st george’s in november 2020

“I haven’t felt so close to a solo piano record since Keith Jarrett’s ‘The Melody at Night, With You’… ‘piano 2’ has a similar honesty. It’s just there, like a friend. And at the moment it feels like the perfect music for the times we’re living through” (richard williams, the blue moment)

buy ‘piano’ and ‘piano 2’ here: